Embracing Automation: SmartiQo enables its range of ‘Smart’ products accessible to everyone

Ishani Shah, Founder, SmartiQo Ahmedabad (Gujarat) [India], August 18: Aiming to make automation more accessible to all economic classes of people,…

Aug 18, 2023 - 15:27
Embracing Automation: SmartiQo enables its range of ‘Smart’ products accessible to everyone

Ishani Shah, Founder, SmartiQo

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) [India], August 18: Aiming to make automation more accessible to all economic classes of people, SmartiQo is leading the charge in transforming the way we interact with our environments. Ahmedabad-based SmartiQo is a global brand of smart IoT-based solutions for home, office and different spaces that can be remotely controlled from an App. Its innovative approach revolves around the shift from “physically controllable” to “remotely controllable,” as it introduces a range of elegantly optimized products that bring automation to every corner of humanity’s habitat.

SmartiQo is dedicated to turning the concept of “leveraging” into a tangible reality for all, ensuring that individuals not only grasp the idea of automation but also experience its profound impact first-hand. By democratizing access to its state-of-the-art products, SmartiQo is playing its part in granting humanity sought-after freedom without compromising safety or surveillance.

Ms. Ishani Shah, Founder of SmartiQo, said, “Imagine a reality where your home isn’t just where your heart resides, but also where your smartphone becomes the ultimate control center. This is the essence of SmartiQo’s vision – seamlessly integrating virtual reality into the fabric of daily life to address the perennial need for monitoring and managing our spaces. We aim to address the small stresses in your mind with minor relaxations via your smartphone, identifying essential applications and curbing wasteful energy consumption.”

The foundation of SmartiQo’s offerings lies in the integration of intelligence within devices, enabling remote control and self-reporting capabilities for home appliances. Whether it’s monitoring via smartphones, voice control, or personalized scheduling, the brand provides the tools for a seamless smart living experience. 

One of SmartiQo’s standout features is its centralized platform, offering a comprehensive solution for multiple products, thereby eliminating the need for juggling various applications. Moreover, it emphasizes cost-effectiveness, making the dream of smart living accessible to all. With smart home solutions ranging from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 20,00,000, customization caters to every individual’s needs.

SmartiQo’s mission goes beyond mere accessibility – it’s about empowering people across all economic strata. The ultimate goal is to minimize and ultimately eliminate the need for human intervention due to inefficiencies in existing systems. Through intelligent hardware and software solutions, SmartiQo is making systems smarter, allowing humans to work effortlessly.

Technologies such as IFTTT, Capacitive Touch Control, Zigbee, and seamless device integration under a single gateway exemplify SmartiQo’s commitment to showcasing the transformative potential of automation. This not only alleviates security concerns associated with place monitoring but also provides unparalleled control solutions to users.

SmartiQo’s Product Range:

SmartiQo’s comprehensive product lineup embodies the latest in home innovation technologies designed to elevate the quality of human life through automation.

SmartiQo’s Smartphone Application:

The heart of SmartiQo’s ecosystem lies in its smartphone application, which seamlessly integrates with all products, enabling users to monitor and control functions with ease.

SmartiQo’s Problem-Solving Solutions:

At its core, SmartiQo seeks to resolve the daily challenges encountered by individuals through innovative, automated solutions.

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